Step 1

Open the Windows 8 Mail application.

Step 2

Enter the login data for your Microsoft account and click Save.

If you do not have a Microsoft account yet, click the Sign up for a Microsoft Account link.

Step 3

On your keyboard, press Windows key + C at the same time to open the settings.

Step 4

Click Accounts > Add new account

Step 5

Click Other account from the available options.

Step 6

Select IMAP and then click Connect.

Step 7

The input panel for your account data will open. Expand it by clicking Show more details.

Step 8

Enter the necessary data using the table below:

Field Data
E-mail address Your full e-mail address (e.g.
Username Your full e-mail address (e.g
Password The password for your e-mail account
Incoming (IMAP) email server
Incoming eerver requires SSL? Checked
Outgoing (SMTP) email server
Outgoing server requires SSL Checked
Outgoing server requires authentication Checked
Use the same username and password
to send and receive email

Step 9

When you are finished, click the Connect button. Your e-mail account with be set up and will begin downloaded your e-mail inbox.