If you are using our cloud PBX system here are some steps to get you started.

First, look for an email in your mailbox with subject "Welcome to Cloud Phone System!" in that email you will have further instructions as well as some files that will get you started.

At the bottom of the email you will have some files, one named "QR.png" and one with "3cxProv.." in the beginning as shown below.

To get 3CX setup on your mobile device (iPhone or Android) first download the App by clicking the appropriate links in the email as shown below:


iOS App Download Here.  | Android App Download Here | Windows Computer App Download HereMacOS App Download Here

Once you have download the appropriate App on your device, simply open up the QR code on your computer, press the menu button at the top left and select "Scan QR Code" as shown below. Once you scan the code the device will automatically provision and you're done!

If you are installing 3CX app on your computer, simply click on the attachment in the welcome email that begins with "3cxProv.." and click "Open" once the file opens your app will be provisioned. Please note that you need to have 3CX installed on your device before you do this.